Go with the flow… sounds easy, but it isn’t. Trusting the flow is really not easy. Let go all expectations and give up control. You cannot control any emotions. Not yours and especially not the emotions of others.

There is nothing left to also trust in the flow of others. If the wind brings someone special to you, be grateful and enjoy the moment.

When I don’t try to plan or control anything, then my life always turns out well, but If I try to plan or control too much, I will miss many unexpected happenings in my life.

When my mind and faith become one, my attitude is driven by trust and not by control.

It’s the same with my paintings. I really trust the flow of the colour and create new artworks out of the deepest impulses, my intuition and the emotion.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 200 × 125 × 2 cm


Created at

November 2022


acryl on canvas